How to Drill Beach Stones, Digital Tutorial, Beach Stones

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Drilling Beach Stones, Instant Download, Digital Tutorial, LjBjewelry

I have always love strolling on the beach and collecting beach stones. Living on Cape Cod makes it very easy and it was not long before I started incorporating them in my jewelry creations. Learning how to drill or carve beach stones can add so much to your design creations.

In this technique driven tutorial, there are written descriptions and photos showing how I drill holes and carve the beach stones, and the tools I use. Learning these drilling and carving techniques will help you with creating your own jewelry designs.

Please note, in this tutorial I do not expand or demonstrate how to create jewelry with the drilled or carved stones. I will leave that fun creative process to you. It is always fun to experiment with new ideas, it is my favorite part.

This is a digital download in PDF format which you can print out.

Metalsmith level: Beginner

You will need to know how to operate a Drill press, (optional) or a Flext shaft and Dremel. You will also need to be familiar with a torch and creating silver granules.


Drill Press (optional)
Flex shaft or Dremel
Diamond Core Drills and Drill bits
Silver Scrap
Chasing Hammer

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If you have any questions regarding the tutorial feel free to contact me.

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