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This listing is for a digital PDF download of a hollow form tutorial.

This tutorial explains various way how I create hollow forms and texture metal. The tutorial is 10 pages long with process photos and instructions. I always love creating hollow forms, I feel they give beautiful dimension to your jewelry piece. Learning new metalsmith techniques always gives the artist a wider range of design choices.

In this tutorial I only explain how to make the hollow form, not the finished jewelry piece. You can see how I used the hollow forms in my jewelry creations in the above photos.

Techniques required: Soldering, texturing, sanding, filing, rolling mill, cutting

Metalsmithing: Intermediate level

Required materials and tools:

22 gauge sterling silver sheet (or base metals)
20 gauge sterling silver sheet (or base metals)
14 gauge round silver wire ( or base metals)
Solder, Hard, Medium, Easy
White-out water based

Rolling Mill (optional)
Jewelers Saw
Paper, Paper Towels
Chasing Hammer
Cross Peen Domed Hammer
Laser Prints (optional)
Micro Torch
Acetylene torch or Map Gas torch
Sand paper
Bench grinder
Flex shaft or Dremel
Center Punch
Bench shear or shear cutters
Ring Clamp

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If you have any questions regarding the tutorial feel free to contact me.  The tutorials are written in English. Thank You!!

Due to the digital format all sales are final and cannot be refunded. Rewriting, reselling, distributing or using my photos are all prohibited.