Basic Torch Enamel Video Tutorial

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Incorporating enamel in your jewelry designs is a great way to add color to your creations. Even better, you do not need a big expensive kiln to create your enamel components. You can start your enamel journey with just your torch.

In this technique based tutorial we demonstrate how to apply enamel to metal and add various decorative elements. All the tools for this tutorial are listed below and where to find them. This is a beginner/intermediate level tutorial. You must be familiar with using a torch, hand tools such as disc cutters and dapping punches.

This is a technique based tutorial. We demonstrate how to apply powder enamel to copper. We also demonstrate how to add different decorative elements to your enamel.  We do not create a final piece of jewelry, however examples of finished enamel jewelry are shown throughout the video for inspiration. This tutorial will help expand your skills and open a door to new techniques to incorporate in your jewelry designs.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to apply and torch enamel to copper
  • How to draw on enamel with graphite pencils
  • How to add gold foil to your enamel
  • How use stencils with enamel
  • How to wet pack enamel

Enamel is a powdered glass that you do not want to be breathing so please wear your mask and protective eye wear when working with enamel. SAFTEY always comes first before any jewelry project.

The video is approximately 30 minutes long.

You will also receive a PDF download that you can print out. The link to download the PDF is above the video. Both video and PDF  download are in English.  You can also access your tutorials from the email confirmation of your purchase.

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  • Enamel (choose your the colors you like)
  • Enamel Adhesive
  • Enamel Sifter
  • Copper and Fine silver sheet
  • Tripod, Trivets, Screens for enameling
  • Disc cutter (optional, you can use a jewelers saw, hand shears or bench shear to cut your metal)
  • Dapping punch (optional)
  • Torch (In this video I use an acetylene air torch, however I have used a map gas torch and small butane torch in the past for torch enameling)
  • Gold  foil

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  • Paper punches or stencils
  • paint brushes
  • Graphite pencils
  • Etching Cream
  • Protective Gloves/eye wear/mask
  • Tracing paper     


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