January 02, 2023

New Techniques and New Adventures

By Laura Jane Bouton
New Techniques and New Adventures

If you have been following us for a while you know that both my son, Andy Tuse (House of Stones and Metal) and I love incorporating beach stones in our jewelry designs. Cape Cod has an abundance of stones and in particular white quartz. You can find them so easily because quartz are the ones most able to withstand weathering and erosion from the waves.

It is hard to find the perfect shaped stone for a jewelry design that has been floating around in our heads. We decided to get a small flat lap machine to create free form stone shapes for our designs.

flat lap machine
As you can see we have already been playing with our new tool. Nothing stays very clean in the studio for too long. New tools and exploring new techniques is one of my favorite things and I hope 2023 will be all about learning new skills. We have a lot to learn but hopefully down the road we will be able to make our own cabochons. I am loving these black beach stones!!
black beach stones



Another new technique we have been exploring is stone inlay. When making jewelry with stone settings there are times when stones break, crack or chip and can no longer be used in the design. I have broken many stones over the years, as they say, sh@t happens. I always hated throwing them out so I kept them in hopes of repurposing them some how. You know I love to recycle. Andy jumped in first and created a few pieces with turquoise and chrysocolla inlay.

You can find the new stone inlay jewelry HERE

turquoise inlay pendant

Here is a lovely pendant with a mixture of blue and green turquoise. When those turquoise cabochons broke I was a little upset, I will not deny it. Now, I am glad they have been used in a new design. We hope you stick around this year and follow us on our new adventures in the lapidary world. The creative juices are flowing for sure!!


  • Christine B. Palermo on January 04, 2023

    Hello, and Happy New Year. Your new story is amazing and shows well on your website. It’s always a pleasure to read about what your doing currently and what’s coming.
    The cabochon style I’m sure will be a hit for sure….Both of your style/creativity is truly amazing to me. I always look forward to hearing always what you both are up to in your creativity. Looking forward soon to be wearing a piece of yours, and of course showing it as a special piece made for me.

  • Carolyn on January 04, 2023

    Envious of your lap machine, they’re also used for cold working glass beads I believe

  • Carol Faith on January 04, 2023

    Sounds like FUN! Thanks for sharing.

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