March 10, 2024

A Timeless journey of Cape Cod Beach Stones.

By Laura Jane Bouton
beach stone pendants

I am sure you know by now I am an avid beach stone collector. I enjoy the the beaches mostly during the off season months, less people for sure. Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has always been known for its picturesque landscapes and charming coastal towns but also for the unique beach stones that adorn its shores. These stones are beautifully weathered and smoothed by the endless flow of the Atlantic Ocean. But, did you know that when you find a stone from any of the Cape Cod beaches you are holding a piece of geological history in you hand?

Cape Cod's geological history goes back as far as the last Ice Age, around 25,000 years ago. I can't imagine how cold that was, bur!! The large glaciers would advance and retreat near the outer parts of Cape Cod. They played a pivotal role in transporting rocks from distant regions and depositing them on Cape Cod. They left behind a mixture of sediments, including granite, quartz, and other minerals. This glacial activity contributed to the Cape's unique geology and created a rich variety of beach stones that grace the beautiful shores today.

As we all know the tides are the master minds behind shaping the appearance of each beach stone. The constant movement of water, combined with abrasive action from sand and other stones, polishes and refines the surfaces of the rocks. Over time, this natural polishing process gives beach stones their distinct smoothness or texture and enhances their aesthetic appeal. I like collecting small oval shapes, sometimes I will carve a little detail in the stone or tumble them in my own rock tumbler for a more polished finish. 

I started incorporating beach stones in my jewelry designs back when I lived in Italy. I was close to the beaches on the side of the Adriatic Sea. There is also a beautiful variety of beach stones to be found there. Snag a few stones if you are ever there!

I am almost finished with my recent beach stone collection, just need to add the chains and give the pieces a final polish. There will be necklaces and rings to choose from in this collection. The  release date is to be announced, you will the first to know, I am hoping towards the end of March.

A few of these pieces will make their way to the Cottage in Oleans Ma. You can find a small collection of my jewelry designs there, it is one of my favorite stores on the Cape.  So if you are ever on the Outer Cape beach combing for stones,  stop by this cute little shop. You will not be disappointed!


You can shop the Beach Stone Collection HERE


Are you a jeweler? Want to see how I drill or carve beach stones? You can find my tutorial HERE


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