Large Ammonite Pendant

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Ammonite fossils can be found around the world even in large concentrations. They are shelled cephalopods that died around 66 million years ago. I have always been fascinated by fossils. They are both beautiful and have a mystery about them because they lived so long ago.

This ammonite is set in sterling silver and adorned with 18 prongs. The back of the pendant is hand pierced. The pendant hangs from a necklace made of both wire and chain.

MATERIAL: sterling silver ammonite fossil

PENDANT SIZE: approximately 2 x 2 inches

CHAIN LENGTH: 20.5 inches

FINISH: Both the pendant and chain have been given a patina

CARE: It is recommended to avoid getting the necklace wet to preserve the patina

SHIPPING: Free domestic shipping with tracking and insurance included.

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